Training & Consulting

Professor Ruths has over a decade of experience running executive training programs and providing high-value strategic and technical services.
His engagements draw on extensive industry experience across a range of needs and situations:
  • launching successful tech startups
  • shaping product and operational strategy for major international companies and national governments
  • advising technical teams in Fortune 500 companies
  • leading the Desautels Executive Data Science program.

Navigate big technology-driven transitions
Get interactive, engaging, and focused workshops that orient executives and top-level managers to the strategic, tactical, and pragmatic realities of AI and data science.
  • Go deep into emerging AI and data science trends, without all the technical jargon
  • Learn where AI and data science strategically fit within your business
  • Scope early initiatives to maximize benefits and learnings
  • Hire and build cross-functional teams that deliver AI & data science success

Executive Training & Workshops
Workshops are run on-site and organized around your team's availability and needs. Get in touch for more information. Popular topics include:
  • ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies
  • Predictive modeling
  • Data science for business intelligence
  • Social media analytics

Get a handle on hard technical problems. Teams often get stuck because the problem is "fuzzy", meaning it's not clear how to craft the technical solution so that it actually solves the business need. Translate business needs into technical constraints, and then work with data science and developer teams to design solutions. Past consulting engagements include:
  • Developing the definition of "migrating users" and a prototype algorithm for detecting them for a major social media platform provider
  • Identifying ways to infer sales numbers from incomplete point-of-sale data that could inform follow up on sales & marketing efforts
  • Mapping the Canadian AI ecosystem for a Canadian crown corporation
  • Conducting an assessment of the efficacy of the Canadian COVID alert notification app for the Canadian health ministry