Derek is a Professor of Computer Science at McGill University. He believes thoughtful data science can make our lives more fun, fair, and connected. He also believes that it takes all of us to realize that promise.

Recent News

  • (2023.10.27) It's the year anniversary of Elon Musk taking over Twitter. The platform was never perfect, but it's passing marks the end of an era. More in my post A Eulogy for Twitter.
  • (2023.05.20) ChatGPT blurs the lines between what it means to interact with a human and machine in important ways. More in my op-ed in the Globe and Mail.
  • (2023.05.16) New funding kicks off our investigation: "What is TikTok?" in which we seek to rigorously understand how TikTok shapes human behavior differently than Instagram, Snapchat, and other mainstream social media platforms.
  • (2023.04.04) Computer scientists think about hate speech very differently than everyone else. Read more in our PNAS paper: Is hate speech detection the solution the world wants?.
  • (2022.06.12) Reddit communities are powerful ways to build hate speech detectors. Read more in our paper Enriching Abusive Language Detection with Community Context.
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