Info for Students

Here are links to information and resources on specific courses I teach including past syllabi, pre-reqs, and recommended materials if you want to prepare in advance of the course. If your questions aren't answered by the FAQ below, check out the course pages.

I'm having a problem enrolling! Help!
This can be super stressful! You need to get in touch with someone from an administrator in School of Computer Science. They can help with the enrollment process. Email Teresa Pian to get some assistance. I don't have any control over who gets into the class or the enrollment process.
I'd like to enroll in your course, but will miss a bunch of classes for <insert reason here>. Can I still enroll?
I strongly recommend that you do not enroll if you will miss a lot of classes. For many reasons, recorded lectures cannot be guaranteed for every lecture. So please don't expect to rely on recorded lectures being available. This is especially true at the beginning of the semester. Also, attendance and participation is a big part of the value of the course. So there's a lot you're likely to miss if you don't consistently attend.
I'm really interested in taking your course, but it's full! Can you squeeze me in?
A whole range of factors make it hard to add students after the course is full. These include room size and the number of TAs assigned to the course. I also want to make sure I have the ability to offer a solid teaching experience for students who are in the course.
I'm on the waitlist for your course... can you let me in?
For the same reasons given in the answer above, I need to respect the enrollment cap for my course. Very often spots will open up in the first few weeks and the waitlist will be handled by university administration. I don't have any control over the waitlist.
I'm graduating at the end of this semeseter/year, so it's my last chance to take your course! Can you make an exception and let me in?
It means a lot to me that you want to be enrolled in this course. Unfortunately, I want to be fair to all the students who are enrolled and also those already on the waitlist. As I mentioned above, often spots will open up in the first weeks of the class.
I'd like to audit your course. Can you share your recorded lectures?
When my lectures are recorded, the materials are posted exclusively to MyCourses. Enrolled students will be able to log in and view them. If you are auditing but not enrolled in the class, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to access the videos in MyCourses.